venerdì 13 luglio 2012

Stitch Me Club 2012 - Patches of Life Sampler

The last week I have subscribed the
"Stitch Me Club 2012 - Patches of Life Sampler" by L' Atelieur Perdu 

I have received the 1st part of the Sampler and it's wonderful!!!!
The Stitch Me Club 2012 is a mistery for this summer (July,August;September and October) divided in 4 part ... if you would like stitch the mistery .... you can subscribe in the blog of L'atelieur Perdu.

I have started yesterday and I hope to finish this 1st part before my holidays departure ....
I have chosen a wonderful fabric that I bought the last month : 36 ct "Argile" Linen .... a picture coming soon


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